In Terms of Technique

Procedure design (WPS) and qualification (PQR) for welding and material modification processes are our primary concern.kaynakveproses2_eng

Noticing the repeatability and efficiency of the processes, real-time process parameter control is also studied in the Group.

Thermal and mechanical simuation and modelling of the processes and their consequences in the material are conducted to save time and material.

Procedure design (WPS) and qualification (PQR) for welding and allied processes are our primary concern. R&D and Industrial Services Group provides services in;

  • Investigation on weldabilities of conventional and exotic metal alloys,
  • Improvement and qualification of their welding procedures for conventional and non-conventional welding processes,
  • Fitness-for-service assessment and failure analyses of weldments and base materials.

Hybrid key-hole and melt-in fusion welding and friction-stir welding and processing are among non-conventional joining and processing techniques that are investigated and improved as far as welding metallurgy and consequently properties of as-welded and as-processes materials are concerned.